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Puppy Training is where it all starts. Early training and socializing sets you up for a lifetime of companionship, ensuring a happy, healthy puppy, and correcting bad habits before they begin.

About Puppy Training

Training starts the first day you bring your puppy home—from crate training and housebreaking to correcting nipping and biting to teaching basic manners and commands.

Puppy training is the foundation on which you continue to build. Our puppy training is designed to create wonderful, lasting relationships between dogs and owners that can last a lifetime. We believe in early socialization, and encourage you and your puppy to attend puppy class as well as private lessons to set you and your puppy up for success. Learning the most effective tools to communicate with your puppy can be the difference between a lasting healthy relationship or one that is stressful.

Rates For Puppy Training

In Brooklyn the initial behavior or puppy consultation is $150 and lasts 90 minutes. After our consultation we move into a training package. 3 lessons are $400 and 5 lessons are $650, and 10 lessons are $1200. Tolls and training equipment are additional. Each follow up lesson in a package is 1 hour.

Brush up lessons in Brooklyn after an initial package or group class are $150 and last 1 hour.  

In Manhattan and Queens Initial consultation is $175 and lasts 90 minutes. We then move into a training package based on your goals and your dogs  needs. 3 Lessons are $500, 5 lessons are $750 and 10 lessons are $1400.

Brush up lessons in Queens and Manhattan are $150 and last 1 hour after an initial package and last 1 hour.

All prices subject to 8.875% sales tax.

We have a 48 hr cancellation policy. We do not offer refunds for lessons that are not used or forfeited. Lessons are not transferable to boarding or group classes.


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