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A great option for busy professionals, Doggy Day School provides customized training for your pooch up to five days a week. We also offer expert owner support so you can reinforce each lesson on your own.

About Day School

Day training is a great option for anyone who just needs a little extra help with training. While you’re at work, we’ll work with your dog 1 hour per day, 3-5 times per week, based on a program customized based on your individual needs. All day training happens in and around your home environment, where many problems originate. Day training is less stressful than boarding at a kennel, meaning learning can be much faster and transfer back into home life easier. 

We’ve found day training is far more effective once we get the owners involved, so at the end of the week we’ll meet with you to go over the training. During these sessions, we’ll teach you how to incorporate the lessons your dog has learned and also coach you on your handling. We film each training session with your dog so you can duplicate the training even when we are finished with our lessons.

Rates For Day Training

This program includes a total of 13 lessons. 10 lessons with the trainer and your dog and 3 owner follow up lessons to transfer the training over to you. The cost ranges from 1,200- $1,500 depending upon location.

Prices subject to 8.875 sales tax.

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